Feast or Famine: The Concept
The idea for the Feast or Famine publication originated from a smaller curriculum project for the North West Regional College based on local food heritage. Emmett suggested widening the concept and the College funded the research of the first few chapters. As news of the idea spread throughout the region and the sector, Emmett developed a wider more all-embracing project to include local producers and food outlets and a wider range of events and outputs to promote the food heritage concept.

As a result, the Feast or Famine concept has expanded in ambition to include:
• A publication, due out in December 2013
• Television coverage of dishes being prepared and discussed
• Educational food programmes on TV/radio
• Food trails and food tours with a replica vintage hearth
• A range of recipe packs promoting regional produce
Emmett is passionate about reviving Irish food heritage and the traditional rural way of life. He plans to use a purpose-built, fully functional mobile Cookery Exhibition Theatre and Hearth to tour the various markets, fairs and food events throughout Ireland and breathe new life into old recipes via a unique live heritage cookery experience with a participatory audience.

There has been a significant amount of interest generated by this project in recent months and momentum on the project continues to increase. Emmett truly believes that Irish food heritage (particularly that of the NW region) is an untapped market, and – coupled with the expert knowledge/skills at his possession and his undeniable passion for the subject – is convinced the idea has great potential regionally, nationally and internationally. It is estimated that the North West’s diaspora is around nine million and Ireland’s diaspora almost 80 million worldwide, an undoubted major target audience for the project.

Emmett intends to involve as many local people, farms, fisheries and businesses actively working in the regional food industry, as closely as possible throughout the life cycle of the project. The intention is to promote the region’s exemplary food produce and services. Additionally, Emmett has been in contact with prominent local chefs, restaurateurs and high-profile, internationally recognised chefs who have expressed an interest and a desire to contribute to the project.

With the Feast or Famine project, Emmett firmly believes that he can help drive a North West Food Revival which will be a vehicle for inward investment, agri-food export growth, the general sustainability and growth of the regional food industry and the promotion of the region as a cultural culinary tourism destination.