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Feast or Famine!! Release Date 9th December 2013

Here it is!!

Its Been a long Road but we’re Finally Here.

This Book would not have been Possible if it were not for the Help and support of so many. Thank You so much!



Feast or Famine: A Cultural Food Journey of the North West of Ireland by Emmett Mc Court
Published by Guildhall Press (Derry)
Hardback with Dust Jacket, full colour inside, hundreds of images, 272pp, 200mm x 270mm (wide)
Release 9 December 2013.
ISBN: 9781906271770. £19.95.
Available at local book shops and from Guildhall Press on the 9th of December 2013.
When it comes to food and drink, the North West of Ireland has a heritage second to none.
Emigrant farmers from Derry and Donegal were the first to plant the Americas with seed potatoes and apple trees.
They carried their recipes with them too – and their descendants fed both sides in the Civil War.
The Scots-Irish from the North West didn’t forget their distilling skills either, producing whiskeys, bourbons and moonshine across the Southern states. And fishermen from Inishowen, who settled on the New England coast, helped found
some of the finest fishing ports in the New World.
For many years, the Derry chef Emmett McCourt has been researching the importance of his hometown’s contribution in terms of world cuisine. He has recovered age-old recipes, revived traditional cooking techniques, and rediscovered long forgotten Irish treasures such as the lumper potato.
Feast or Famine takes you on an historical tour of McCourt’s North Atlantic home-place and explores just what makes this area such an abundant source of food and drink.
The author recalls the heady days when Lough Swilly was the herring capital of the world, Magilligan was world leader in rabbits and Derry city was producing millions of gallons of whiskey for the US. But he also records, using first-hand
testimonies, the devastation wrought by the Great Famine in the 1840s.
In the course of his travels McCourt cooks some brilliant meals, meets some fascinating characters and visits some of Ireland’s most celebrated food-spots – and a few unsung ones as well.
Read all about this and much more in Feast or Famine, and join Emmett McCourt for a culinary odyssey not to be missed!
Ithe Sásta
Emmett McCourt
Irish Food Heritage Project
N Ireland.