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Gettysburg & The North West of Ireland–Scots Irish/Ulster Scots–Corned Beef & Boxty–City of Culture 2013.

This has Been a Really exciting and Inspirational week allround ….Exciting News and a Summary of the Food Heritage below .Enjoy!!!

Gettysburg & Northwest Of Ireland

At the time of the plantation of Ulster many thousands of  Scots came to the North of Ireland .One family name in Particular came from Scotland ,The Gettys!!  a name which  became an exclusive Derry Name and one in which has left a Legacy for future generations. The Gettys settled in Donegal Derry ,Antrim and Larne. They fought in the seige of Derry and settling in parts of ,East Donegal,Faughan Vale and Aghadowey in Co Derry  . The famous oil Tycoon Jean Paul Gettys ansestors can be traced back to Aghadowey and to a place called Gettistown.The Ulster Scots/Scots Irish were  persecuted by the English Penal laws in the early 1700s and the first wave of emigrants of the Scots Irish left for a better life to the New World in 1718 .Those first settlers and colonists to Leave for the new world came from Derry and Coleraine,the Foyle and Bann Districts .They came in through Boston and established Londonderry In New Hampshire.They took with them their Music ,Their Culture and Their Food to the  New World.

Samuel Gettys was born in Donegal from Parents who came to Derry/Donegal from Antrim around the time of the Siege of Londonderry,they later settled with  farmland in Faughanvale Parish outside Derry,later moving to lisneal parish  .The Gettys ancestors are buried at St Canices plantation parish cemetery, Church Of Ireland, in Eglington Londonderry.

At this Time in Ireland in  the 17th century ,Ireland was the biggest exporter of Salted Beef/Corned Beef exporting Huge amounts to the New world and to the west Indian Sugar plantations.Corned Beef gets its name from the salt Crystal used in curing the beef,the same size as a grain of corn .Corned Beef is Spiced ,salted and cured brisket ,a tough piece of beef which requires a lot of cooking to break down its connective tissues.This was cured in Brine for up to one week ,then Boiled for 3 Hours .Curing of Meat and Fish was  common practice in Ireland , cured to last and sustain people through the winter months. Cork was the biggest export Town of the time, of Corned beef ,Followed by Belfast and Derry which was a major port for import and export of many foods. The Ulster Scots were farmers and new the processes of curing beef, They Took This food with them and  many other Irish foods to the new world.The large scale exodus of Irish emigration at the time of the Great famine “An Gorta Mor” later popularised Corned Beef In the New World ,as meat in Ireland was a luxury only afforded by the very wealthy Landlords and Those who owned the big houses.Corned Beef is eaten today world wide by Irish Diaspora on St Patrick’s day….President Lincoln was said to have eaten Corned Beef on St Patrick’s day.

Corned Beef ,Cabbage & Boxty served on Bog Oak!!

Samuel Getty’s of Scots Irish decent, left from the port of Londonderry in 1740 on a ship called the Brutus.He came in through Charleston, South Carolina,  , moving to the county, later to be known as Adams County Pennsylvania ,this land was primarily settled by the Scots Irish pioneers in the colonies .  These lands where purchased from the Iroquois Indians.Samuel Getty’s Built a Tavern/Inn and became  a farmer and store keeper .Samuel Gettys sold foods that were familiar to them from the Tavern, like Corned Beef  Boxty & Mutton stew . Samuels son James later acquired his fathers land around the tavern, selling off plots of land . A  town was built around the Tavern that Samuel Gettys owned ,and Hence the Town of Gettysburg was born,Founded by Scots Irish Pioneers from the North West Of Ireland!!

Photo by Joanne Lewis

Almost 100 years later, President Lincoln’s famous address from Gettysburg Pennsylvania,  was one of the speeches that shaped America.It is the 150th anniversary of President Lincolns speech next year in Gettysburg and a host of activities around this anniversary are taking place.

I spoke to Mark Patterson the other day On radio foyle about this story ,you can listen to it below ,scroll forward on the iplayer to 1.43 mins.

There are quite a few people who I would like to thank for my research in this exciting story and in Celebrating the links with Gettysburg and the Northwest Of Ireland.

First the Late great Naturalist and Historian Olly Mc Gilloway who led me on the path of the Getty’s ,to Robert Lynch who first shared this amazing story with us in Olly Mc Gilloways Book “Along The Faughan Side”.

Brian Mitchell ,Derry’s Genealogist  historian  and author who has written some great books on the subject of genealogy .Brian helped me so much in my research with the Getty’s Ancestors and I would  also like to thank  Bernadette O Sullivan OF The Harbour Museum Derry .Brian  and Bernadette can be contacted below.

I would also like to thank a lovely lady, historian and Tour guide at Gettysburg Visitor and convention bureau -Joanne Lewis .Joanne who was instrumental in piecing the jigsaw pieces together when my trail went dry on the quest of Samuel Gettys in America.You can reach Joanne Below.

This story has been one of the many highlights of A Cultural Food Journey of the North West of Ireland, with more Detailed research to be featured in the forthcoming book “Feast or Famine” to be published by Derrys Leading publishers Guildhall Press in 2013. The lasting legacy of the Gettys of the Northwest of Ireland and the links of the North Wests Diaspora, will be celebrated  next year with Derry/Londonderry City of Culture 2013 .This looks set to be a fantastic Year for the Maiden City with sea changing events and  Cultural activities throughout the year .A must visit tourism and cultural destination of Ireland . With the North Wests Food Heritage  documented in this book,And the links being created & celebrated with the New World. Derry ,Londonderry looks also set to be the  food tourism destination to visit in 2013 .   Check out the City Of Culture  website below .

Contact Guildhall press below for more information on this exciting project

Recent photos of Food heritage Cookery Demonstrations at An Culurlann in Derry  which was agreat success

Check out the blog in the coming weeks for more upcoming events and Cookery Demonstrations .!!

Some exciting links with Derry, Food Heritage and the Titanic to come!!!

Photos by Jacky NWRC Marketing

Emmett Mc Court



Feast or Famine

Irish Food Heritage Project










Happy St Patricks Day, Real Irish Food!!-Culturlann

Had a great day at Culturlann on Friday the 16th the build up to St Patricks day,great feed back on The Irish Food Heritage Dishes I Demonstrated.Thanks for all your Support on the day .Thanks To Kieran and Crew,also to Jacki for the photos.

Thanks to Joanne and all the producers  Leona Kane,Mary Doherty,Donegal Prime fish ,Derry & Roe valley  Honey , Mc Daids & Doherty’s local bakeries..Thanks to Marty D for coming along way to support us.

Great To be working with Culturlann ,some exciting projects to come. Special Thanks To Gerry,Eibhlin ,Jim,  Fiachra ,Marie and all the girls in The Cafe . –Check out their Site below.

 ” A Celebration of Irish Food” at Culturlann Gt James Street Derry
Friday 16th March 12- 4pm
In the Build up to St Patricks Day I will be Cooking the best of Irish Food!! ,Regional Dishes from the Northwest of Ireland.”Crubeens wi…th Stout” “Boxty” “Poundies”Cured Herrings & Oaten Bread,-Sloke & Dulce Oatcakes!! Irish American “Corned Beef & Cabbage..Thanks for your support.
Happy St Patricks Day to all Our Irish Diaspora!!!
Emmett Mc Court
Irish Food Heritage Project
Celebration of the Pork industry In  Derry.
“Crubeens with Stout”
I’ve Been working with Vincent Mc Kenna of the Chef shop Belfast for some time now on the Embroidery of chefs jackets .The Chefs Shop embroidered our fantastic logo on the Chefs Jackets ,check out his shop below for all your kitchen needs.
Check out the blog soon more photos/Info to follow..
Emmett Mc Court