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Lesser Spotted Ulster & Broighter Gold New Economusee-Artisan for Northern Ireland

Its been an exciting start to the year! .

Lesser Spotted Ulster episode ,Where I cooked Cruibeens ,Herrings and Potato bread on the hearth for Joe Mahon was Screened on Tuesday night 17th January.This was a great experience for me and good craic on the day ,I met a lot of very interesting people who really appreciate the Rich food Heritage and Culture that Ireland has to offer ,This was a wonderful opportunity to recreate the way of life, of times gone by and one in which to celebrate our Heritage and culture. Thanks to Joe ,Vinny and all the crew at Lesser Spotted Ulster,Marie Quinn and the team at the heritage society .

For anybody who missed the clip you can watch it here on UTV player.The Clip is approx 40mins on into the show.

Congratulations to Leona and Richard Kane for being the new Economusee Artisan Producers For N Ireland,For their Home Grown and cold pressed Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil.This is an Internationlly recognised award for Artisan Products ,and well deserved .

This will be a great boost for Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil and also another attraction for Limavady and the surrounding area,Especially in the run up to the City Of Culture 2013.

They will be working with the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust, once their workshop is fully developed – which is the heart of the ÉCONOMUSEE. It will offer visitors a unique opportunity to discover the history and methods of growing,
harvesting, pressing and bottling their oil.

Northern Europe Project sees the combination of culture, craft and tourism as
local craftspeople open their doors to visitors to watch them at work and learn
about the heritage and traditions of their skills. Norway, Greenland, Iceland,
The Faroe Islands, Sweden, Ireland and Northern Ireland are all partners
involved in the initiative, which was developed in Quebec, Canada The project is funded through the Northern
Periphery Programme and the Northern Ireland Tourism Board.

Check them out here

This is set to be an exciting year with futher developments to the project each week ,I am working with Guildhall Press On some really exciting work at the minute ,check them out below.

The North West Regional Colleges Restaurant “The Flying Clipper” website, is now up and running .Check it out here

I  have also uncovered some facinating Food Heritage recently in which I’ll be sharing with you soon .Watch this space!

January 2012-Turkey Ham & Bacon Pies . —— “Chefs” Muff

Now that the festive season is well and truly over and The New Year has arrived ,Try your hand at making Turkey & Ham Pies with all that left over meat. I Took that cooked Turkey ,Ham & Bacon out of the freezer the other day ,made loads of pies with Danae & Luke.

Roast Turkey Ham & Bacon pie- Recipe

Short Crust Pastry- Recipe

1kg plain Flour

250g cooking fat (animal) ,broken into pieces

250g butter ,broken into pieces

Pinch of salt

Water to bind ,about 1/3rd pint

Add a few egg yolks for that extra richness.

Add the flour and salt  to a mixing bowl and rub in the fat and butter pieces . Mix and rub in well with the flour ,until it resembles bread crumbs,do this by hand or use a mixer .Add the egg yolks slowly and just enough water to form a stiff dough,turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead  for 5 minutes until the dough feels elasticated  and shiney. Cover with cling film and leave to rest in fridge until the pie filling is ready.

Pie Filling

Cooked Turkey Breast & Leg ,Diced   500g

Cooked Gammon ,Diced 500g

Cooked Bacon Loin ,Diced 200g

Carrots 200g peeled chopped fine

Left over Herbs -Thyme/Rosemary/Sage/Parsley-chopped fine -pinch

I medium onion peeled diced

Frozen garden peas or Frozen mixed Veg 400g

Plain Flour 50g

Turkey Gravy  1 -litre -or Chicken /Beef stock

Broighter Gold Rapeseed oil for frying.

Add the rapeseed oil to a heavy based pan ,add onion ,carrots and cook without colour.Add frozen veg and flour ,mix well .Add diced cooked meat and herbs, then add gravy or stock,stir and bring to the boil ,simmer gently for 30 minutes stirring occaisionally.Set aside to fill the pie.

Remove the pastry from the fridge ,cut in two .With a Rolling pin ,Roll out each piece until fairly thin ,1-  2mm thickness. Line a greased pie dish with a layer of pastry and cut away the surplace with a knife. Brush the sides with water .Fill with the pie mixture .Layer the other piece of rolled pastry over the top and cut to size. Tie and crimp in the sides. Pierch the top of the pie with a knife , Brush with egg wash.

Cook in a moderate oven for 40 minutes at 180 C ,Gas 6.

“Chefs” Muff

A New Food Phenomenon sweeping the North West at the minute is the “Take away Restaurant Food “Concept. Quality Restaurant food at take-away prices .A Great idea especially in the down turn of the economy when people have less of a disposable income and cant afford to eat out as much .The Terrace on Marlborough Terrace seemed to have started this, serving food which resembled the Gas Light on Foyle street ,another very good Restaurant , then came Bistro 9 at White House which looks also to be doing very well .

I had heard That “Chefs” at Muff were also new on the scene and the quality of food was very good. Big Mark O Hare is co owner at Chefs ,I  worked with Mark in the Everglades when I was training to be a chef ,Mark is a very good Chef ,so I decided to give it ago, in between Christmas and the New Year.

I  ordered Two Sirloins with all the trimmings and was quite suprised when it arrived ,in no time at all ,The quality was exceptional for a delivery ,as good as you would get at any sit down restaurant ,” A Superb Restaurant Meal at Half the Price” The steaks were cooked to perfection and everthing was as hot as if just off the the pan!.

They have just opened up a new place also on Spencer Road. Check them out for a very good quality restaurant meal, delivered to your home .

Congratulations to Mark and all the staff at Chefs ,I wish them every success for the future, especially in these tough times ,after hearing another very good local restaurant closed its doors for the last time on New years day.

Check out their Facebook page here!/pages/Chefs-Muff/248261651877713