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“A Hoard Of Gold”!! November 26th 2011

The last few weeks have been hectic as usual with the project,met some lovely people along the way.

Many Thanks to Rev, Alan Wilson for inviting me to BallyKelly, to do the Cookery Demonstration and launch Their Local Cookery Book.

The Cookery Demonstration at Ballykelly was a great success and the lovely people of the area turned out in their droves on such a wet night to pick up some tips and recipes from the kitchen.Thanks to all the local people who turned up on the night and who supported this.

We launched the Cookery Book from the local area which has loads of recipes from local people ,special thanks to Kathleen Laughlin who’s Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake went down so well with the audience ,this recipe can be found on page 69 0f the book.

Noreen Brown had an inspirational talk  on her own food journey ,many thanks Noreen ,You are a legend!!!!.Noreen Made a Berry cordial which Wowed  the Audience ,the depth of flavour in  this cordial ,was exceptional,I am hoping Noreen will part with some of her legendary recipes for the book Feast Or Famine.

Special Thanks to Paul Ruegg  and John Martin From Flogas who Sponsored and set up their wonderful kitchen ,without them these demonstrations would not take place.



There were also some great local products on offer on the night ,Hunters Bakery Limavady -Exceptional bread and pastry products,11 Main Street Limavady ,Thanks als to Alish from ” Norman Hunters Butchers Limavady” Exceptional Meat and DELI products ,these are two Artisan Producers of Exceptional Products and a visit to Limavady would not be complete without a visit to these establishments that have been in business for  almost a Century,I can speak from experiance ,when I say Norman hunters butchers produce some of the best sausages to be had anywhere in the  Northwest, Try them, very Tasty!!!

Met A lovely couple with a Hoard of Gold!,Richard & Leona From Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil Limavady.

This is a true Artisan Product with a unique History ,I will be  Fully supporting Richard and Leona in their endevours  and featuring this wonderful  Oil in Feast or Famine, the book ,I will be using Broighter gold Rapeseed oil at all future demonstrations .

Thanks Richard and Leona for your wonderful hospitality ,Congratulations to you both & Good Luck in the next few weeks!!

Check them out here

I Will be doing a few more Cookery Demonstrations in the Build up to Christmas catch me at Guildhall Square/Waterloo Place  Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th December ,Live Cookery Demonstrations -Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings -Spiced Parsnip Soup with Treacle Syrup Croutons —-Roast Butter Basted Turkey Crown ,Cranberry & Orange sauce ,The Perfect Roastie!!!,Honey Glazed Bacon Loin or Baked Crab Apple & Mustard Ham,- Roasted Chestnut & Apricot Stuffing mmmmmm—-Local Smoked Bacon, Chipolata and if your fit for it after that,Keep er lit with the Steamed Plum Pudding Brandy Sauce and vanilla Cream!!!mmmmmmmDont Miss it!!!

Kellys Supermarket Trench Road for a special Christmas Treat, live cookery Demonstrations, dates soon.

Made Apple and Plum Crumble with the wains tonight
Great to see the kids lovin it!!

Working with Guildhall Press at the minute, in designing some exciting stuff for the project ,coming soon ,will keep you posted!!.They are the Leading Designers and Publishers here in The Northwest,Thanks guys….

Check them out here





The Irish Famine-The Choctaw Indian Nation – Derry & Amazing Grace,5th November 2011

What a journey this has been!! Inspirational Exciting & Rewarding!!

In 1847 ,Known as Black 47 ,The worst year of the Irish Famine ,news of the plight of the Irish spread across the Atlantic and to The Choctaw Indians,16 years previous ,the Choctaw indian nation were removed from their homelands by a treaty which was called “Dancing Rabbit Creek”, this ceded to 100s of 1000s of acres of Choctaw land .They walked from Mississippi to Oklahoma , in what became “The Trail of Tears” Thousands died ,Thus The Choctaw were not new to starvation and Death, the plight of the Irish Echoed their own suffering.They gathered together what they could from handouts given to them by the government in their new reservation.They donated $175 to the suffering Irish ,which equates to $20,000 in todays money.This was a massive gesture of humanitarian aid.

In the late 1980s ,almost 150 Years later , Irish researchers discoverd Evidence of this monumental Act of Generosity ,They decided to return the donation which was given to them over a century ago.The man who led that pilgrimage To The Choctaw nation in America and  who made the connection was Don Mullan from Derry, a Giant himself in terms of Humanitarian aid Organisations and what he has given to the world. .Don met Gary White Deer Of the Choctaw Indian Nation.Don and Gary instanly made a connection and became firm Freinds .Don then invited Gary To Derry and to Ireland were Gary walked the Famine walk in Mayo and painted a wall mural on the side of the Corn Beef Tin in Creggan.The wall Mural depicted a Choctaw Indian women holding an Irish Baby, with illustrations of Food and Irish Famine Victims ,symbolising the connection of the Choctaw Nation and the Irish, Through Food and Famine

Richard Moore From Derry and From Children in the crossfire, was invited by Don Mullan to walk the Trail of Tears in 1997 ,150 years after the Irish Famine  “An Gorta Mor”. There were 9 other Irish who walked The Trails of Tears and raised $100,000 for African relief.

I discovered this significant link to Irish Food Heritage  6 months ago, whilst researching for this book “Feast Or Famine” and needed to contact the Choctaw Nation ,firstly to Thank them for their inspirational act in donating so much and by saving so many lives during the Irish famine.I also wished to celebrate both Cultures and the Connection with Food in the Book Feast Or Famine ,This will all be featured here and in the book with Some Inspirational recipes,Irish & Choctaw!

I contacted Richard Moore last week who put me in touch with Joe Murray Of Afri a Charitable organisation working for Human Rights.I spoke to Don Mullan From Derry also ,They put me in Contact with Gary White Deer ,Who was Still here Filiming His own Project ,nationalising the Indian Nations of America. This was Serendipity for me on my food journey and the missing link  which led me to Gary WhiteDeer.

I  got The opportunity of Meeting Gary White Deer and thanking him personally ,for what his people did so long ago for the Irish.

That meeting took place on the 5th of November in Lisfannon on the shores of Lough Swilly.

I have also included in the Book,the History of Lough Swilly and the massive Herring Industry which exsisted there,  in the 17th century ,and   celebrate the connection with John Newton and Amazing Grace  in Lough Swilly in relation to food.

Therefore ,It was Facinating to meet Gary White Deer On the shores of Lough Swilly (The Lough Of The Shadows) ,but the more Inspirational it became, when Gary  sang Amazing Grace In Choctaw!! on the shores of the Swilly .check out soon , the video on this site.

I would like to thank Don Mullan for making the initial connection with the Choctaw nation and for doing so much for people around the world.Don is a  Giant ,A great Man and truly Inspirational on This Food Journey,Thank you Don!!

Gary White Deer Of The Choctaw Nation and to his people ,who  have inspired me on my Journey..Thank You ,Yakoke!!

Richard Moore of Children in the Cross Fire and to Joe Murray of AFRI Action from Ireland.Thank you,Check out their sites below

Clare Toland The artist who with her great hospitality and great cups of tea ,made the meeting happen! Thanks Clare.

Cindy L. Martin a direct decendant of the Choctaw Indian Nation Tribe ,who Donated the Money to the Irish during “An Gorta Mor” The Great Hunger.Yakoke! Cindy

Ken Harron from Barnacle books  a good friend who steered me in the right direction,on this part of the Journey.

Karen Mclaughlin who cemented the story of Richard Moore and Don Mullan ,thank you.

“Feeding A Person ,Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give” It is Extending Life”

Indian Nations Of America….

Check out Gary Singing  “Amazing Grace” In Choctaw on the shores of Lough Swilly.!!

Damien Dempsey, The very talented ,Musical Artist, has written an inspiring & very moving  Song, about the Choctaw Indian Nation,”The Trail of Tears” and their Great gesture of Humanitarian Aid toward the Irish, watch it here.

Listen to the Interview with Emmett and Gary White Deer Of the Choctaw Indian Nation on Mark Patterson Show, BBC Radio Foyle. 8th Nov

The interview starts  at approx  1 hour  19 mins, in to the show