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Summary of Events – July

Exciting news!! Made contact with Alexis Soyers relatives, lovely people. They put me right on a few details about Alexis Soyer and of how much he did for the people of Ireland.
Will be posting a link to The Definitive Alexis Soyer website.

Went for few days to kilcar, killybegs with the family, a great area of west Donegal, with great fishing traditions.
Thanks to Con O’Hara for the lovely Bonnito Tuna he gave us. Con Caught this off the coast of Africa while fishing there. Tuna on the Barbe tonight…
Ate in a wonderful seafood restaurant tonight. “22 Main street” had a lovely plate of Moules Marinere soaked up with slices of homemade wheaten bread, followed by a very tender sirloin steak with whiskey sauce.
Discovered some very interesting information on the famine with recipe from the Glenties, thanks to Ken Harron of Barnacle books. I will share this with you soon.