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Great Game Fair, Shane’s Castle

The Great Game Fairs of Ireland Shane’s Castle, Co Antrim.
Go For Game Campaign! Had a fantastic time over the two days, great weather, sun shone high over Shane’s Castle for two days scorcher!
Cooked many game dishes, braised Saddle of rabbit, venison with blackberries, Silver Hill duck with red cherries, venison burgers. Pheasant and fennel. Filmed for Fields’ Sports TV.
Special thanks to the Dog Guru, Keith Matthews and Harry… For filming the great game fairs of Ireland series for “Dog & Country TV”. Great Film Lads! Check out their website, link on this site.

Go For Game Campaign Launch

Stormont Castle, launch of the Great Game Fairs of Ireland Shane’s Castle, Year of the Dog – Master McGrath.
Reception at the long gallery, had a great time!
“Go for Game Campaign”! Officially launched
Thanks to Albert J Titterington of the Great Game fairs Of Ireland guaranteed to put on a good show.

June 1st – 20th Summary of Events

Fantastic News! We made it to world skills, to showcase “A Cultural Food Journey of the North West of Ireland” with cookery demonstrations of 4 dishes from the book, on cloud nine right now! Showcasing In front of 150,000, ”no pressure” great news!

Was invited to London, Westminster Kingsway College, for the book launch of Professional Chef Level 2 by Cengage, have a guest chef recipe in the book, pork dish from the Northwest of Ireland. Hope Jamie Oliver’s at it, he wrote the forward for the text book.

Landed in London today busier than ever. Went to Marcus Waring’s new gaff, getting rave reviews lately. The Gilbert Scott at the Renaissance Hotel, Kings Cross, Wow! What a palace, very reasonably priced menu, may go for lunch tomorrow. As I was walking out of the restaurants reception, spied Marcus Waring outside, went over and introduced myself to him and congratulated him on the restaurant, nice guy!

Excited about visiting Alexis Soyers’ grave Tomorrow…

Highlight of today so far. Alexis Soyers grave in Kensal Green cemetery, amazing!! Massive memorial figurine of hope on the grave. Quite moving, knelt down beside, said a prayer and thanked Alexis Soyer for all that he did for the poor of Ireland. What a journey this has been! Got the feeling of knowing him, he did so much charitable work and was always thinking of other people. Alexis dedicated the memorial to his young wife who died before him, Madame Elizabeth Soyer, it Reads “To Her”, laid flowers on his grave, took some great photos for the book. Special thanks to Marie Murphy and Henry Vivian Neal of Kensal Green Cemetery for their kind help and guidance on this food Journey.

Had lunch in Marcus Warings ,”The Gilbert Scott”, amazing meal, bacon olives to start served on red endive, very sexy and genius, pork sausage wrapped in fine local bacon, “Tasty”! had slow cooked Dorset Jugged Steak ” best roasties I’ve tasted for a long time! “had to be Rooster or Maris Piper cooked in lard or Goosefat” Exceptional meal and service!. They were Maris Piper and cooked in goose fat, met the chef after the meal, showed me round the kitchen, great team.

Got to Book launch “no sign of Jamie though!” Met the authors Gary Hunter, Terry Tinton, nice guys, some book! Great for the students, step by step photography, with provenance of each dish. Fantastic team at Westminster College “Beautiful room, Escoffier Room, old brigade style kitchens, amazing college.

Thanks to all the team at Westminster Kingsway College and Cengage Learning, fantastic hospitality.

On the way home from the book launch, I had one of the greatest pizzas ever!! a fresh artichoke and porcini mushroom pizza, washed down with a Peroni beer at Salvatore Lucas ,IL Posto  Italian Restaurant on Vauxhall Bridge Road , Victoria , small bustling “Italian restaurant ,atmosphere amazing  “Swore you where in Italy!” A great end to the night! Thank you to Salvatore Luca & all the staff for making this a memorable trip.